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Wild Horse Project


Many of you have been following the story of the Challis horses rescued after their traumatic capture from their home range in Challis, Idaho nearly three years ago. For the past few years, The Wild Horse Project in conjunction with Silent Voices Equine Rescue, maintained them in a small pasture in Idaho. A permanent sanctuary in Idaho was sought, but nothing was found which met all the criteria of both the BLM's adoption program, and our personal mission statement for the horses... to keep them together, on protected lands, free from future round-ups.  

We are thrilled to report that they were recently transported to Return To Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary in California! They will finally be able to roam (relatively) free again, if no longer wild. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Neda DeMayo at Return to Freedom and everyone who has helped us all along the way -- volunteers, vets, BLM staff, truckers and the generous community of supporters of Silent Voices Equine Rescue.  

During the summer 2009, a herd of wild horses from Challis, Idaho were captured as part of a Bureau of Land Management round up.  In the course of wild horse round ups, family bands are broken apart forever, foals weaned too early, mares and their stallions separated, countless horses injured and even fatalities occur. The Challis round up was no exception and over 200 of the 400 horses on that range were removed, then “sorted” by age & sex, and shipped to destinations unknown.




After photographer Elissa Kline's presention of her round up footage at the Ketchum Library, Doro Lohmann inspired the rescue of twentytwo wild mares and one gelding. With the support of Silent Voices Equine Rescue, Doro Lohmann, Elissa Kline and Jodi Herlich joined efforts and created   -The Wild Horse Project - . Many of the mares were pregnant, consequently, the herd increased by ten; six fillies and four colts were born in the spring of 2010. A safe and relatively private six acre pasture became their home for nearly three years. The intention was to offer an accessible yet peaceful environment for them to begin their healing process and birth their foals.
Along with the responsibility to care for them came the joy of living daily amongst these noble creatures and raise their foals. It was a time of many emotions ranging from sadness, loss and fear to healing comfort and joy. All the while there was an incredible amount of hope and acceptance with a steady development of trust.
after the horse's placement at Return To Freedom it became evident that our horses were "somewhat different". Based on the constant presence of caring humans and the absence of any training efforts, they had developed trust and felt comfortable around people. They quickly became the new attraction at the sanctuary. Visitors were able to be in close proximity to the horses and invited to interact with them.
The discovery of this inspired a grassroots effort to add relieve to the current wild horse management situation. 
The "Wild Horse Recovery Project" is targeting wild horses currently in adoptive homes. Many of such horses were adopted with noble intentions but due to a variety of circumstances have become unwanted and are facing the reality of neglect, auction and slaughter pipelines as their final destination.
As this project is in its beginning stages, Silent Voices Rescue is searching for private landowners interested in providing final sanctuary for small, reproductively contained and socialized herds. The project is designed for anyone interested in participating in the recovery of the wild ones who have not found a wonderful new life despite their adopter's best intentions. 
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Challis horses at Return to Freedom - Lompoc, CA
Challis horses at Return to Freedom - Lompoc, CA

Wild Ones Series © Elissa Kline
Wild Ones Series © Elissa Kline

Wild Ones Series © Elissa Kline
Wild Ones Series © Elissa Kline

Mare & foal born May 2010 © Doro Lohmann
Mare & foal born May 2010 © Doro Lohmann

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