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First Rescues  &  Dolly, the forever hopeful Donkey!                   

Grace, Holle, Ruth and Maria came to us because the current laws failed to protect them from starvation.
Their previous owner was subject to an Animal Cruelty Investigation and decided to let go of the most 
visual evidence by taking it to an auction. Silent Voices Rescue had offered to buy any horse from him after he refused to accept our help with feeding them. We received information about their fate and were able to purchase them at auction before they most likely would  have ended up on their way to slaughter or a feedlot. 
Grace, Holle, Ruth and Maria stand as an example of what happens DAILY in our country:
Horse Rescue Organizations stepping in where Law Enforcement fails, 
receiving protection from individual people, not from elected animal cruelty law enforcement officers!
When these horses first arrived at their new home it took around the clock care and a meticulous feeding regiment to improve their condition. Both of them had scarring on their faces from halters they had grown into. Both Holle and Grace are still thriving in their new homes.

         6/27/2009 Holle                                                                       8/5/2009 Holle

6/27/2009 Grace                                                                    8/5/2009 Grace

Starved and neglected horses become susceptible to many terrible conditions, one being lice. Both Maria and Ruthie had chewing lice when rescued. It caused open sores over much of their body. 
The mares were both scared of people and anxious about being touched. 
Maria is a branded mustang, and she represents many adopted wild horses who stand as a reminder that the Wild Horse Adoption Program is in need of much better management. 

6/27/2009 Maria                                                                                 8/13/2009 Maria

6/27/2009 Ruthie                                                                        8/13/2009 Ruthie


Dolly and Paulina

Dolly was a 11 year old mammoth donkey who was surrendered to us in the summer of 2009. Due to an untreated infection, Dolly’s left rear hoof had eventually separated and had left her with only a stump. Her remaining three hoofs were in severely neglected condition leaving her with not much to stand on and in the most acute pain imaginable. It seemed more humane to euthanize her, except Dolly was very clear about wanting to live without any apparent reason. 

Two weeks after her arrival she unexpectedly delivered her daughter Paulina and her will to live suddenly became clear. 

Dolly had been most patient about the daily bandaging of her stump for over three years and was finally ready to receive a foot to walk on.
In the summer of 2011 Eric Hinderager of "Brownfield's Prosthetics" in Boise, Idaho, designed two prosthetics for Dolly free of charge. However, Dolly refused to walk.

It was determined that she needed to undergo proper amputation surgery to eliminate bone spurs that had grown at the bottom of her stump.
After h
aving come this far we realized that this surgery was more than our organization could finance and were hoping that Dolly’s story of hope, determination and love would inspire enough financial support to complete her journey and give her what she so patiently had been waiting for....   It didn't.

Dear friends, 
On January 17th, 2013 our sweet Dolly ended her fight against time and pain.
Your support, kindness and faith in her journey gave Dolly three wonderful years filled with love, family and her Paulina.
She was tired and it broke our hearts to release her from her body.
The gifts of her being in this world will remain with us forever.
Dolly embodied everything this world is slowly beginning to lose ... Hope, Faith, Courage and Unconditional Devotion.
I have to yet meet a human being as large in spirit as this crippled mammoth donkey.
With deep gratitude we thank you for having been on this journey with us.....      Doro, Julian and Paulina

"To live in this world you must be able to do three things:
 to love what is mortal,
 to hold it against your bones
 knowing your own life depends on it,
 and, when the time comes to let it go,
 to let it go ..."                                      - Mary Oliver



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